Öl auf Leinwand 70 cm. x 50 jahre 2014


Assurfivo is a rather bizarre word: it combines the Abstract with the Surrealistic and the Figurative, and it stands as the acronym by which Roberto Piaia describes himself and his painting. Faced with the strong, confident message conveyed by some of his works, with his reflection on form, colour and the transparencies of glass, and with his representations of Woman a sort of sensual deity drawn with meticulous precision, messenger of an eroticism so explicit that it becomes disturbing and, paradoxically, sidereal and psychologically elusive, his reference to hidden thoughts becomes an interpretation of warning, which suggests an allusion to the oneiric atmospheres of Surrealism. A precise meaning can also be seen in the reference to Abstract Art, precisely where the image establishes itself as more phantasmagorical, since conceptuality tends to prevail over meaning, thus evading any space-time reference. The visual construction of his works, however, always owes something to Abstract Art, in particular where the background conjugates coloured streaks which envelope and involve figures and objects in a clever and baffling optical illusion.

Paolo Levi
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