Art in BavIera – Roberto Piaia New Art Studio
inauguration on Friday, October 20th, 2017 at 7 pm (With Invitation).
Public Inauguration on Saturday, October 21th, 2017 at 5 pm.

Art Studio Roberto Piaia

Mindelheim - Germany
The Master often returns to Pietrasanta (Tuscany) to form his sculptures in precious Carrara marble and resin, as well as bronze castings in the renowned foundries of the city. But the choice to paint and live most of the year in this wonderful medieval town was made because of long-standing German friendships, and for the support and the acknowledgement of the great German Nation towards any artistic expression....
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Ave and her daughters
the science fiction Saga of Piaia

Aras asil comics

Roberto Piaia's drawings
And it's from the beautiful and majestic galaxy of the Andromeda constellation, consisting of hundreds of billions of stars formed from the center with gigantic spiral arms ...
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The Reading Lists
Roberto Piaia: L'appello di carta

The Reading Lists

The Reading Lists intervista Roberto Piaia
Only a great compositional experience as a painter and a deep knowledge of materials have allowed Roberto Piaia to realize his "dream", after years of intense research where nothing was left to chance, bordering utopia, he overcame the challenge posed by the laws of gravity through a Machiavellian type study of solids and voids...
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If you'd like to learn more abaut The The Reading Lists,you can find him on his,WEBSITE,his,TWITTER and his, FACEBOOK.

Collect art works?
Investing one's own capital in sculptures and paintings created by an Artist and Founder of his own artistic movement, beyond being pleasant, it can reveal itself to be definitely profitable over time.

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Monograph works

My world is made of light and colour, an energy that arrives and wraps around the canvas, marble or bronze, giving life to my remotest emotions. Go to link

Fondazione G.B.Cima da Conegliano(TV)

In 2005 the G.B.Cima da Conegliano Foundation President recognized in the works of Piaia the style of a great Master. Since then the relationship with institutional support begins and accompanies the artist in all his initiatives.Go to link

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