Artistic Calendar Painting

Bacchus Venus and Jewels

In 2007, I presented in a traveling exhibition the works that represent all the months of the year – Artistic Calendar – with the beautiful model Natalia Mesa Bush depicted.
The first opening was staged at the Hotel Boscolo Exedra in Rome, Piazza della Repubblica. Other exhibitions took place in Venice, Prague and Budapest.
The presentation of the exhibition was curated by the Art Critic Paolo Levi. While at the cocktail, curated by Ilaria de Grenet, numerous personalities from the world of culture and entertainment intervened, and the success was sensational!


Artistic Calendar

Artistic Calendar- January
Artistic Calendar- January
oil on canvas 100×150 cm.

Artistic Calendar “Venus January, seems to play with the snow that flows from her hand as if it were sand…”.
As far as I know there are not many precedents to this idea of Roberto Piaia’s. Who has dedicated his work to symbolize the passage of time with a series of original works.
By representing the same extremely beautiful model, depicted each time in a different way. According not only to the month, but also to the artist’s own poetic fancy.

The Months of Venus | Artistic Calendar

Calendar- February
Calendar- February
oil on canvas 150×100 cm.

“Venus February interprets carnival with multi coloured masks…” Artistic Calendar
In the Symposium, Pluto has one of the participants state that there are two sorts of Venus: Venus Caelestis and Venus Naturalis. To say it in the Latin translation.
Roberto Piaia’s Venus is as Naturalis as ever.
In fact, she is a plastic and active figure of a daughter of the Earth. A carnal symbol of Life, whose beauty the artist exalts in a plastic and dynamic way.
The myth of Venus is also tied to the cycle of the seasons; she is a symbol of spring, but also of eternal feminine changeability. So it’s not difficult to imagine her as the protagonist of a series of pictures tied to the months of the year, in a calendar.

Femininity | Artistic Calendar

Calendar- March
Calendar- March
oil on canvas 150×100 cm.

“Venus March, is lapped by wild breezes…”
Femininity therefore becomes an announcement of good wishes for the season. It should be said that a band of four colours appears in each of these twelve paintings: yellow, red, green and blue, with the evident symbolism of the four seasons and the idea of a life cycle that is always and invariably renewed.

Not just paintings:Bacchus Venus and Jewels

The testimonial of this video is Natalia Mesa Bush.
Taking the opportunity of the exhibition tour with my works, people from the wine and jewelry business had a brilliant idea. They asked me to design labels with the artistic calendar for a noble barricaded wine. Additionally to design collectible watches with the colors of Assurfivo.

My Story

Artistic Calendar- April
Artistic Calendar- April
oil on canvas 100×150 cm.

“Venus April, when sleep in so sweet…”

“Can it be taken for granted that I’ve been painting forever ? Yet, it has… since I was a child, I have always been told that my paintings of oils on canvas have been lifelike. I love to illustrate with bright colors, with the use oils, it allows me to work in a thousand shades. This technique takes a long time. I have decided to terminate reproducing the details. So I don’t do many paintings, and I refuse to make them in series: I never reproduce the same subject. Thanks to collectors and various exhibitions, with your support I have obtained many awards and nominations from the art world …”. Read my Biography Roberto Piaia


Calendar- July
oil on canvas 150×100 cm.

“Venus July, the month of the stars, wrapped in the constellation of Cancer…”
Do you think that once you have invested in the work and the system you will be left alone if there are any problems? Mistaken!
“Because I deeply love all my creations, and I could never neglect those who keep one of my unique works! I NEVER create my paintings be made in series. For this reason, being so precious, I offer you a LIFETIME WARRANTY!Roberto Piaia

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Calendar- October
Calendar- October
oil on canvas 150×100 cm.

A dead leaf dominates the month of October…”
Computers have not been able to overcome the charm of printed paper…
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Calendar- November
Calendar- November
oil on canvas 150×100 cm.

“Venus November, time of rain, water takes part in a laughing game of deferment, puddle and spring all in one…”
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Calendar- December
Calendar- December
oil on canvas 150×100 cm.

“Venus December, finally, the light of a candle warns of the upcoming solstice…”

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