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Resin or Bronze Statue?

Mudra Orchid
Mudra Orchid
Solar and Wind

You can choose your statue covered with photovoltaic cells between a Artistic Resin or a Bronze (or stainless steel). Both methods, I apply cells in the largest part that faces the sun. In the smaller ones (e.g. legs, tail and muzzle of an animal), and in the part that remains in the shade, the chosen material remains clearly visible. This duality gives the sight a pleasant and intriguing effect.

The lightness of Resin

Genesis Wind
Genesis Sculpture
Solar and Wind
  • Resin is a type of plastic reinforced with glass and thermosetting it hardens after processing.
  • It is a material with high resistance, resists bad weather, temperature changes and does not need any special care.
  • The strength of this material allows the resin statues to become precious accessories for outdoor spaces, such as terraces and gardens
  • One of its main characteristics is to be very malleable, it allows me to create any model you want.
  • Sophisticated computerized equipment cannot be used to make them, therefore, each Statue is a unique handmade work.

The historicity of Bronze

  1. Bronze for millennia has been the ideal tool with which an artist can express himself.
  2. My Statues are cast in bronze with the lost wax process […]
  3. It is a material that is often used for the creation of outdoor statues, because it guarantees practically infinite solidity and durability.
  4. It enriches the style of the environment in which it is placed, and you will be the custodian of a unique work of art whose value is destined to grow over time.
The cost of photovoltaics’ Statues

If you decide to invest in a resin statue, the photovoltaic system will costs you little more, because the resin is not expensive. The price is higher if you want it in bronze or stainless steel, because the materials are more expensive. Another variable that determines the cost is by choosing between already made model vs. a customized model.

Let me explain how they are created:

1. I begin to give shape to my idea with pencil sketches.
2.Then I build an iron structure to support the clay model that I am going to shape taking care of the details.
3. A rubber mold is made on the finished clay model, thus obtaining the negative of the work.
4.This mold can be used to create up to 9 works of resin or bronze.
5. The 9 works, however, are Unique Works: retouching and remodelling each with it’s own details and shapes…

This explains that part of the costs and processing times are spread in the 9 Unique Works.

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Solar panels used for the system

In the systems, I prefer to use the best panels that are on the market and that are made in Italy. In a Statue, for example a female figure: the face, hands and feet remain visible the chosen materials, or resin, or bronze. The rest of the body is covered, in the part exposed to the sun, by photovoltaic cells. This is possible because I apply SunPower cells. SunPower solar panels are flexible and elegant compared to traditional cells. Therefore, they allow me to work them in an artistic way.

As for the base that supports the work, it can be of any desired shape or height. Pyramid, trapezoidal or like an orchid petal, etc. The panels I use in this case are SunPower if the model is curved like a petal or a leaf. Monocrystalline silicon, if the surface is flat. On the ground, however, we can put real walkable and non-slip photovoltaic tiles, perfect for the construction of sunny terraces and gardens. They are made with a laminated glass of 6 + 6 mm. Highly resistant.

Combine an energy accumulator with the system. Should it?
Horse Solar Wind
Horse Sculpture
Solar and Wind

The integration of a battery on a photovoltaic system is a good thing in which you want to be completely independent with a connection to the electricity grid. This type of system is also called stand-alone. The accumulator guarantees the supply of electric current even during the evening and at night, using clean energy and 0 impact. In this way, you are completely independent from the manager, and you do not pay bills.

The ideal choice for those who consume evening at night

Most consumption is concentrated in the evening and at night, when we are at home. During this time the plant does not produce, and we will be forced to refuel, at a high price, from the electricity grid. For these reasons, the choice to install an Accumulator together with your Photovoltaic system is a convenient and intelligent choice. Thanks to the latest generation batteries. Designed to guarantee energy efficiency and long life, it will finally be possible to exploit the electricity produced during the day. 

Lithium ion accumulators:

They are the most efficient and long-lasting, as well as guaranteeing reduced installation spaces. On the market there are many inverters with integrated lithium-ion accumulators, which can be installed anywhere, without having the need for a dedicated room. Kindly note, the prices of lithium ion continue to fall. It is estimated that in the next few years they can fall well below € 1,000 per kW.

We also use the movement of the Wind!

Eolic Vertical
Vertical Wind Turbine

The spaces between the full and empty of the Spiral Statue can also host a <i Or you can place it outside; playing with creativity, the artist can make her graceful. The energy received by the Turbine is produced both at night and in winter, and is activated even with winds at reduced speeds.

Domestic Turbine micro-wind systems

Depending on their size and power, they can generate more or less watts to increase the storage of electricity. They are made with different systems. In general, two different systems can be used: domestic Turbine with vertical or horizontal axis. Both generators have a minimum speed between 3 and 5m per second. These do not work at very high speeds. In fact, if subjected to excessive energy they are blocked for safety reasons of the device.

How a vertical axis micro-wind turbine system works

The vertical axis micro-wind turbine plant for your home is widely used in this area. It is one of the most used systems to obtain a good production of electricity with its installation. This system also resists wind gusts quite well. In this case, the electricity produced depends on the wind movement. This system has several advantages. First of all, a constant functioning over time that does not disregard the wind direction. Furthermore, vertical systems are easy to install and require little space.

Save… by placing a recharging column for the electric Car on the side of your Statue

Colonnina Ricarica Auto Elettrica
For most electric vehicle owners, the main point for charging is our home. Normally vehicles stay in the garage or in the parking space for several hours every day: this situation is ideal because it allows you to slowly recharge the battery. Therefore, a reduced power (kW) is sufficient to have the battery fully charged every morning. Moreover, contrary to what many people think, to discharge the battery and then recharge it completely. The modern lithium batteries used on vehicles, benefit mostly from small partial refills.

Should I contact the Network Operator? No!

The electric car will become a household appliance like everyone else (just a little more powerful and fun!). Therefore, the Network Manager should not be interested, precisely because they do not need permits or authorizations.

How long does it take to recharge with the photovoltaic system? It depends.

The charging speed depends on two main factors: the power (kW) with which it is recharged and the maximum power accepted by the battery charger inside the car. If the two values are different, it always commands the lowest of the two.


  • 7.4 kW charging station and electric car with internal battery charger of maximum 3.7 kW: charging will take place at 3.7 kW;
  • 3.7 kW charging station and electric car with internal battery charger of maximum 7.4 kW: charging will take place at 3.7 kW.
  • A full 3.7 kW recharge takes about 5/6 hours.
  • A full 7.4 kW recharge takes about 2/3 hours. And so on.

In any case you will hardly experience these times, because a complete recharge is rarely made. So, you will probably have the car charged for 1 or 2 hours a day (depending on how many kilometers you’ve done during the day).

“P.S. So, I have described the technical details of the photovoltaic system using a Statue. You may place these statues in your garden, terrace or forecourt of your company to obtain renewable prestige energy. You may embellish the impact of a wind turbine and a car charging column with a visual game. They are supported by professional technicians. I create them, using space, height and to your personal or business profiles. We offer a simple and safe guarantee…”

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