Painting oil on canvas

Are you looking for a painting that adds a touch of elegant decor to your home but in the vast world of art you don’t know who to trust? I don’t ask you to blindly believe me! But I can guarantee you that…

  •  If you want a real painting with pencil sketch base and oil on canvas painting…
  • You are looking for a work in an original and personal style such as Assurfivo […]
  • Or, a painting created with a refined classic line?
  • A painting that acquires value over time, as a unique work!
  • And perhaps you want to talk directly to the artist in order to know his world…
  • Finally, receive the security of a Lifetime Warranty for your work?

…then you’ve arrived at the perfect place, and this site is for you.


One doubt: how can I tell if this is oil on canvas or just retouched photography?

Homage to Elena
Homage to Elena
oil on canvas 140×70 cm.

There is a huge difference between a hand-painted and a digital print on canvas.
You don’t need to be an expert to understand if a painting is an original oil on canvas. You just need to know a few tricks:

  1. The image must NOT be flat (and look like a poster printed on canvas).
  2. Try to turn the canvas… the canvas print has precise and smudge-free linear edges.
  3. On the contrary, a hand-painting seen from behind shows all the brush strokes of the painter.
  4. Placing the print behind a lamp you will not see anything, while on a hand-painting you will see oil traces…
  5. And finally, look at the print from a profile. You can clearly see the mesh of the clean canvas, flat and constant throughout it’s surface.

On the other hand, oil is a living material. Used by the most skilled artists due to it’s difficulty to spread, it allows, after various layers and shades, to obtain a three-dimensional effect which appears almost real.

Watch out also for hand-retouched canvas prints!

oil on canvas 60×50 cm.

There have been denounced artists because of their claim that their paintings were created oil on canvas while in reality they were mixed techniques: retouched photographs. Unfortunately, currently there are sellers (including foreign sellers), who avoid underlining this at the time of sale.
Paint over a photo, what damage it creates over time:
A photographic print does not penetrate the pores of the canvas, like oil. After a certain period, the oil is absorbed by the canvas, highlighting the photograph. Result: blurred visual effect of the image, since the two designs overlap.

Always ask for a signed warranty with a specification of the materials used for the painting. This allows, in the extreme case, to report the seller for Fraud!

Why choose an oil Painting?

charming 1
oil on canvas 40×30 cm.

An oil painting expresses charm, warmth, it is not a simple piece of furniture, but you become fond of it, and it becomes part of your personal experience.
It’s true, better to furnish a house with beautiful Lithographs or Serigraphs, rather than using ugly paintings…
But it is also true that oil is a living material. Used by the most skilled artists because it is difficult to spread, it allows, after various layers and shades, to obtain a three-dimensional effect, which appears almost real.

The value that increases over time the picture

Maria’s Thoughts
Maria’s Thoughts
oil on canvas 100×50 cm.

A work of art is never a simple piece of furniture. It is much more! It has a value that is provided above all by the feeling that the artist is trying to communicate. But also for the economic value that it acquires over time, especially if the master has a respectable curriculum. Read the Biography of Roberto Piaia

Do you love Classic or Modern Paintings?

Painting Liberty
oil on canvas 70×50 cm.
steps-to-murazzi Steps to Murazzi
Steps to Murazzi
oil on canvas 70×50 cm.

 “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” Oscar Wilde

Beyond the skill of an artist, the most important aspect is the emotional transportation that each of us feels by observing a work of art.
And Roberto Piaia’s paintings are full of passion…
The Maestro is an eclectic artist! He manages to portray any subject with ease and high technical knowledge, from the classical to the modern. When he paints, he detaches himself from the reality that surrounds him to penetrate deep into his personal being. And like a volcano, he brings out emotions, feelings and moods, carrying them directly onto the canvas.

What’s Assurfivo?

Painting The Essence
The Essence
oil on canvas 60×60 cm.

The very personal style that Piaia has created has three pictorial currents. For this reason it was called Assurfivo: where as stands for Abstract, sur for Surreal, fivo for Figurative.

Capture the colors of the rainbow to transport you, through a thousand shades of oil, on the paintings. It depicts bodies, portraits, objects and genre scenes through an impeccable hyper-realism.
The final touch is done by illuminating the work with coloured sparks, transporting visions toward a dream-like, unreal state. He paints the transparencies of glass, crystals and water with an unquestionable executive ability.

Painting pencil and oil

Daria and Lucia
Daria and Lucia
pencil oil on canvas 80×80 cm.

To describe my pencil and oil… I give the word to the famous Art Critic Paolo Levi – Turin.

“In these works the artist reveals his precious manual skills. His love for details, his accurate pictorial technique, and his partial application of colour all contribute to transforming these drawings into remarkably high-quality finished works. Therefore, they are not sketches, but finished works which stand apart and would be sufficient to regard the artist’s drawing and compositional skills as excellent”.

My Story

Roberto Piaia To Paint
Roberto Piaia to paint

“Can it be taken for granted that I’ve been painting forever ? Yet, it has… since I was a child, I have always been told that my paintings of oils on canvas have been lifelike. I love to illustrate with bright colors, with the use oils, it allows me to work in a thousand shades. This technique takes a long time. I have decided to terminate reproducing the details. So I don’t do many paintings, and I refuse to make them in series: I never reproduce the same subject. Thanks to collectors and various exhibitions, with your support I have obtained many awards and nominations from the art world …”. Roberto Piaia

Why buy a Painting directly from the artist? (In total safety)

Daria in Black and White
Daria in Black and White
oil on canvas 90×30 cm.

I decided to give you the opportunity to buy my paintings without intermediaries, for 3 simple reasons:

  • My paintings aren’t made in series. I work with passion and attention to detail,
  • For this reason I want to personally know a person attracted to my works, because I am sure there is harmony between us!
  • Last, but not least: the savings you have purchased without intermediaries…


Eva Spiral
Eva Spiral
oil on canvas 80×80 cm.

Do you think that once you have invested in the work and the system you will be left alone if there are any problems? Mistaken!

“Because I deeply love all my creations, and I could never neglect those who keep one of my unique works! I NEVER create my paintings be made in series. For this reason, being so precious, I offer you a LIFETIME WARRANTY!” Roberto Piaia

What if I don’t like it when I receive it?

Lying down in Assurfivo
Lying down in Assurfivo
oil on canvas 80×60 cm.

Computers have not been able to overcome the charm of printed paper…  Even the emotion of watching and touching a live works of art, it cannot be transmitted by video. I’m sure you will be captivated, for the simple reason that you chose it…
But if not, I don’t want you to keep a painting you don’t like!
You can return it within 8 days of receiving the work. And you will receive the refund within 15 working days.


Shipping within Europe is free

Eva and Giulia
Eva and Giulia
oil on canvas 50×35 cm.

Once the work has been sent, you will receive a tracking code via e-mail, so you can check the status of the shipment at any time. The work is sent by courier express or mail courier, and sent 1 or 2 working days from receipt of your order. You will receive the work after ten (10) working days from the date of the order.

Do you want to make a gift?

painting-siren Siren
oil on canvas 70×50 cm.

No problem for shipping if you provide an address your gift will arrives directly to the recipient.
Usually Paintings are shipped – for safety reasons – they are packed with cardboard and bubble wrap. If you have a particular event, please feel free to let me know and I will organize special wrapping paper.
We will be able to insert a greeting card with your directions. The person who will receive the gift will not know the price because it will not be indicated in the delivery document.

All of this is free (it’s my little gift for you …)

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My exclusive gift for you

“I also decided that I will give each client a study / pencil sketch of the painting they buy. (signed and certified). So you will have a “little bit more” of it in home…” Roberto Piaia
P.S. In conclusion, now you know that I never paint pictures in series, for this reason each one is a unique and unrepeatable work. All of which are accompanied by a Lifetime Warranty certificate! You can choose between a classic or modern style according to your taste. If you don’t like it, you can return it. Thanks to my curriculum, art work over time acquires value. You can send a gift to anyone you want. Shipping to Europe is safe and free of charge. Payment methods are more than secure. Finally, I also give you the study / pencil sketch of your work”

Where you can find my works:



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