Sculptures: Green Energy

Imagine… that a Statue produces Green Energy

Are you a person who wants to protect the environment using Green Energy, but also to surround yourself with art and beauty?. I understand you. And I can assure you…

  1. You can have a Statue dressed in photovoltaic panels…
  2. If you like the idea of harnessing Wind Energy by hiding the unsightly appearance of wind turbines with the statue…
  3. You want to charge your Electric Car in complete autonomy…
  4. And especially if you want to reconcile your desire for prosperity with the ambition to have a positive impact on the world…

…then you’ve come to the perfect place and this site is for you!

Genesis – Sculpture
Solar and Wind


We can all take part in protecting the environment

Horse- Sculpture
Solar and Wind

Respecting our health, our children, our loved ones whit using renewable energy. Roberto Piaia came up with another brilliant idea: why not combine the beauty of Art with inexhaustible clean and non-polluting energy?

We all need to take immediate action to help reduce air pollution!

Navitas- Sculpture
Solar Wind
  • Is damaging our health
  • The toxicity of fossil fuel emissions leads to a significant environmental impact.
  • Not to mention nuclear power! Activates the production of waste that can present residual levels of radioactivity for millions of years.

How I solved the problem

Genesis- Sculpture
Solar and Wind

“So… I put one of my spiral resin statue in my garden, and covered it with solar cells. It rests on a stable base – artistically designed panels. On the ground I placed walkable solar panels. Greens like grass. All thanks to the collaboration of an exceptional company in the sector that employs highly inventive technicians. After innumerable economic and aesthetic benefits. Now, I’m finally ready to share the project with you… whit Green Energy” Roberto Piaia

The Spiral Statues: world premiere creations

I create the Statues in Statuary Carrara Marble, in Bronze fusion whit lost wax or Artistic Resin. Face, hands and feet, they were modeled in a classic style, because I honor the masters of the past. This form is recognized as the first model in the world by copyright. The structure of its volume is constituted by a double helix that turns on itself forming a spiral.

The spiral is found everywhere in nature. The double helix brings us back to the image of human DNA. This symbol embodies the concept of life, harmony, perfection and dynamism. Frees the sculpture from any material constraint. Therefore, the ethereal vision creates a perfect union with the impalpable energy donated by the sun and the wind.

How are the Sculptures made wrapped in solar panels Green Energy?

Mudra Orchid
Solar and Wind

They are normally modeled in Resin, or optionally in Bronze. According to personal needs and spaces, I can create them small, medium or large.

Let’s take a female figure as an example: the materials mentioned above remain visible on the face, hands and feet. While the rest of the body is covered, in the part exposed to the sun, by photovoltaic cells. This is possible because I apply SunPower cells.
SunPower photovoltaic panels are flexible and elegant compared to traditional cells. Therefore, they allow me to work them in an artistic way.

As for the base that supports the work, it can be of any desired shape or height. Pyramid, trapezoidal or like an orchid petal, etc. The panels I use are: SunPower if the model is curved like a petal or a leaf, or Monocrystalline silicon, if the surface is flat.
On the ground, however, we can put real walkable and non-slip photovoltaic tiles, perfect for the construction of sunny terraces and gardens. They are made with a laminated glass of 6 + 6 mm. Highly resistant

For more information about the technical details, costs and what benefits: environmental protection, tax deductions and depreciation.
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Here’s what you will receive
Horse- Sculpture
Solar and Wind
  1. A work of art that is made in resin or bronze which produces energy!
  2. You can choose any model that I have already created or, you can give me the inspiration for a model you prefer, or that represents your Company profile.
  3. I’m able to create it to any desired height.
  4. You can add a charging station for your electric car.

Do you think that once you have invested in the work and the system you will be left alone if there are any problems? Mistaken!

This is what we offer:

Guarantee [3+1] super safe as clear as the Sun

My exclusive gift for you

“I also decided that I will give each client a pencil sketch of the statue they buy (signed and certified). So you will have a “piece” of it in home too […] “ Roberto Piaia

P.S. Ok, I have listed the benefits and decoration of this original novelty! Now you know that by placing a statue in your garden, terrace or forecourt of your company, you get renewable energy and prestige. That you can embellish the impact of a wind turbine and a car charging column with a visual game. Who are supported by excellent technicians in the sector. That I can create it of any height and to your personal taste. All this, saving on the bill and depending on the Region where you live, take advantage of the Tax Deductions. That I offer you a simple and safe guarantee…”

So what are you waiting, I’d look forward in hearing from you?

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