Author’s Lithographs

Do you want to furnish your home or give Lithographs,authentic numbered prints, it’s not a trivial thing? You are right!

  1. to own a perfect reproduction of a work of art!
  2. be sure that the lithographs of a painting are limited to 99 copies…
  3. that the limited edition has my signature at the bottom which certifies that it official work of art…
  4. better yet, if the artist is listed in the art world […]
  • And again, to make a good impression with a collector’s print, while spending little on the value…
  • Above all, if you prefer to furnish your home with nice copies, rather than with bad paintings…

…then you’ve come to the perfect place! Here, you can get not a simple lithograph, but an exclusive and refined reproduction of a work of art!


What is a Lithograph?

Lithograph The Painter
The Painter’s Studio
Dimension 35×50 cm.

The Lithographs are a reproduction of excellent quality works of art. They are printed with offset lithographic mechanism: today’s most common reproduction of images, indirect printing process. This occurs through plates that imprint black and white, and colors on paper.

The card I use

Lithograph Crystal Glass
Crystal Glass in Transparency
Dimensions 35×50 cm.

I prefer to use a type of textured paper, or plain paper, with a completely white background, ideal for all types of printing and for any special processes. Furthermore, I am sure that the colors of my work are perfectly highlighted.
The papers are made in Italy, ISO 9706 certified. These papers ensure quality, used in museum for preserving art prints over time.

Editions from 1/99

Lithograph The Keeper
The Keeper of stillness
Dimension 50×35 cm.

For an investment worthy of being, I create prints with a limited edition of 99, because if less than 100 they are worth more.
In addition, other than numbering them personally, I certify each with my signature.
In a limited edition print, random numbering does not affect the value. Example: 90/99 will be no different in value from 2/99.
Plus there are the artist proofs: these extra prints are not included in the edition numbering. They do not necessarily have to be similar to the final print, since the artist uses them precisely to see how the final result will be. Proofs are worth more because they reflect the artist’s ideas and process.
Leaving aside the technical aspects, I assure you that you will have a copy of a work printed faithfully.


My Story

Roberto Piaia Pittore Scultore
Roberto Piaia

Can it be taken for granted that I’ve been painting forever? Yet, it has… since I was a child, I have always been told that my paintings of oils on canvas have been lifelike. I love to illustrate with bright colors, with the use oils, it allows me to work in a thousand shades. This technique takes a long time. I have decided to terminate reproducing the details. So I don’t do many paintings, and I refuse to make them in series: I never reproduce the same subject. For this reason I have decided to reproduce them in quality lithographs! Thanks to collectors and various exhibitions, with your support I have obtained many awards and nominations from the art world …”.
For information see my Biography
Roberto Piaia

Do you want to make a gift?

Lithograph Vain Woman
Lithograph- Vain Woman
Dimension 50×35 cm.

No problem for shipping if you provide an address your gift will arrives directly to the recipient.
Usually, Lithographs are shipped – for safety reasons – they are packed with cardboard and bubble wrap. If you have a particular event, please feel free to let me know and I will organize special wrapping paper.
We will be able to insert a greeting card with your directions. The person who will receive the gift will not know the price because it will not be indicated in the delivery document.

Shipping within Europe is free

Once the work has been sent, you will receive a tracking code via e-mail, so you can check the status of the shipment at any time. The work is sent by courier express or mail courier. Shipping is always free in Europe.

Secure payment methods

Stripe payments with Credit Cards
Shopping on my site is convenient, safe and without additional costs or commissions.
The transfer of your data is encrypted and cannot be read by strangers. Orders, personal information such as name, address or credit card information are protected by advanced security systems. To transmit this data we use a security standard supported by all internet browsers.

I offer you these Payment options:

PayPal: payment with PayPal is quick and safe. There is no need to enter your credit card details, only to log in with your account.
Credit Cards: Mastercard, Visa, PostePay, American Express are accepted. We do NOT keep card details. In addition to the card number, its validity and the issuing company, the card security code is required. The security code is a three-digit number on the credit card that guarantees the security of internet payments. We will charge the invoice amount to Your credit card immediately after receiving the order.

“P.S. So, now you know that you can embellish your home with a limited edition lithograph of 99 prints, or give it by sending it directly to whoever you would like. I have shown you how I carefully develop my lithographs. I personally certify them by signing and numbering them: thus increasing their value. That the paper I use is of excellent quality made in Italy. Which are printed with one of the most popular and current procedures. All payments method are secured…”

What are you waiting for?

Now, if you click on the link under the lithograph image you like best, you will go directly to the shop page, where you can buy and read all the details and the executive poetics of the work.

N.B. these lithographs are the latest in the series, so I offer them to you at a special price!