Spiral Statues

Statues- white Marble, Bronze and Resin

Statues: would you like to decorate your home or garden with a white Marble Statues, Bronze Sculpture or Resin, but you don’t know what material sound like you?  I know how that feels. And I can assure you…

  • If you want a modern and innovative Statue, but at the same time with a touch of classic elegance…
  • A work that furnish any decor…
  • You can talk to artist for understand the essence of his creative thinking…

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“According to Hegel art in its highest sense has to be considered a thing of the past. But in response Gadamer replied No! Art is more alive than ever”

The search for beauty, harmony and tension towards the perfect balance is part of the genetic imprint of artists of all time.
And when a sculptor manages to overcome the limits of matter by combining classical representation with an innovative idea … the artist can only get in touch with the soul and preferences of many people.

The Spiral Statues covered with sinuous beauty

The idea of this particular form of Roberto Piaia’s sculptures, worldwide premier, has been Copyright recognized and protected.

Built using Carrara statuary marble, Resin, and Bronze Sculpture casting through lost wax processes, the statues are created with the face, the hands and the feet, where the typical Piaia executional skills stand out.

This world premier innovation consists in the creation of the body: the volume structure is built around a double helix which wraps around itself; with a “full” visual effect in which the form is underlined through a coil, while the void appears suddenly, leaving room for imagination.

Ingenious Creations

Over Bronze Statue
Over- Bronze Statue
H.35 cm. 13,77′ W.106 cm. 41,73′ D.45 cm. 17,71

This is a very difficult job, attempted by many but never actually realized, characterized by a precise study of solids and voids. Realized in a perfect balance of matter that does not need any support.

These statues employ strange perception and perspective, and seem impossible to achieve in reality, furthermore. They take us back to a strong mathematical component by the master who inspired Piaia: Dutch graphic engraver M. C. Escher, 1898-1972.
Only a great compositional experience and a deep knowledge of the subject, have allowed Roberto Piaia. After years of intense research and study, to realize his creations through drawings, sketches and oils on canvas with bodies outlined through a spiral.

The lightness of Resin

The Resin Statue offers you the right answer if your home is furnished in a contemporary style. Also, it gives a touch of modernity if you have a preference for classic or antique furniture. The exclusive form of these statues, combines designer and color.

“Normally, I create them white with a black interior to bring out the spiral play of the body. Or I paint in Assurfivo, the rainbow effect of my colors, accentuates the three-dimensionality. So, if you make this choice you get 2 works in 1: a painting + a statue“. Roberto Piaia

How I create the Resin Statues

Mudra Resin Statue Sculpture Bronze White Marble
Mudra- Artistic Resin
H.100 cm. 39,37′ W.30 cm. 11,81′ D.35 cm. 13,78′
  1. I begin to give shape to my idea with pencil sketches.
  2. Then I build an iron structure to support the clay model that I am going to shape taking care of the details.
  3. A rubber mold is made on the finished clay model, thus obtaining the negative of the   work.
  4. Then, the resin mixed with a hardening liquid is manually poured into the molds.

What is Resin?

Genesis- Artistic Resin
H.93 cm. 36,61′ W.135 cm. 53,14 D.43 cm. 16,92′
  • Resin is a type of plastic reinforced with glass and thermosetting it hardens after processing.
  • It is a material with high resistance, resists bad weather, temperature changes and does not need any special care.
  • The strength of this material allows the resin statues to become precious accessories for outdoor spaces, such as terraces and gardens.
  • One of its main characteristics is to be very malleable, it allows me to create any model you want.

The historicity of Bronze Sculpture

Bronze for millennia has been the ideal tool with which an artist can express himself.
It enriches the style of the environment in which it is placed, and you will be the custodian of a unique work of art whose value is destined to grow over time.
It is a material that is often used for the creation of outdoor statues, because it guarantees practically infinite solidity and durability.

The classic Bronze Statues

“Every single work of art is the fulfillment of a prophecy.” Oscar Wilde

My philosophy of life is that before creating something new, one must study the basic techniques of the great masters.
For this reason my first works are in full form and inspired by Greek mythology and Dante. the great poet.

How the Bronze Statues are created

Brezze Bronze Statue
Brezze- Bronze Statue
H.28 cm. 11,02′ W.8 cm. 3,14′ D.5 cm. 1,9′
  1. I begin to give shape to my idea with pencil sketches.
  2. Then I build an iron structure to support the clay model that I am going to shape taking care of the details.
  3. A rubber mold is made on the finished clay model, thus obtaining the negative of the   work.
  4. Then, I deliver it to the artistic foundry and the plaster cast is obtained from the model.
  5. The plaster cast is dismantled and divided into two or more parts. After being deprived of the clay model it contains, beeswax is poured.
  6. At this point I carefully retouch the wax copy.
  7. Finally, the foundry works for casting the molten metal.

The timeless charm of the Carrara Statuary Marble

If you have a white marble statuary at home, it means living in a space full of harmony and elegance.

The sculptor doesn’t try to translate his thought into marble; he thinks in marble…”. André Gide

The precious Carrara marble it’s always the most coveted material by the sculptors.
It’s cold, hard, limiting, until the artist’s hands transform it making it pulsating with life, light, soft, almost impalpable…

Carving a White Marble Statues

Over- Marble Statue
H.35 cm. 13,25′ W.115 cm. 45,9′ D.55 cm. 21,21′

For my  white marble sculptures is done using a traditional technique.

    1. I begin to give shape to my idea with pencil sketches.
    2. Then I build an iron structure to support the clay model that I am going to shape taking care of the details.
    3. A rubber mold is made on the finished clay model, thus obtaining the negative of the   work.
    4. Then, the plaster cast is obtained from the model.

Roberto Piaia Biography

Marmo Statuario
Le statue a spirale di Marmo, si apprezzano per la leggerezza e l’armonia plastica che, contrapponendosi ai tipi di materiale utilizzati, rendono l’oggetto unico e quasi diafano.

“I feel very fortunate, because in recent years it’s very difficult to find the blocks of White Marble Statuary Carrara. I can get it from the famous Michelangelo quarry in Carrara, because the manager really likes my creations”. Read my Biography

What if I don’t like it when I receive it?

Computers have not been able to overcome the charm of printed paper…  Even the emotion of watching and touching a live works of art, it cannot be transmitted by video. I’m sure you will be captivated, for the simple reason that you chose it…
But if not, I don’t want you to keep a statue you don’t like!
You can return it within 15 days of receiving the work. And you will receive the refund within 15 working days.



Do you think that once you have invested in the work and the system you will be left alone if there are any problems? Mistaken!

“Because I deeply love all my creations, and I could never neglect those who keep one of my unique works! You know that the statues cannot be made in series, but that each one is artistically worked by me. For this reason, being so precious, both White Marble Statues, Bronze Sculpture Resins, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY!”

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My exclusive gift for you

“I also decided that I will give each client a pencil sketch of the statue they buy (signed and certified). So you will have two “piece” of it in home […] “ Roberto Piaia

P.S. Ok, now you know how I create my White Marble, Bronze Sculpture and Resin Statue. Who have either a modern or classical form. That I can create it of any height and to your personal taste. If you do not like it when you receive it, you can return it without problems. that for the bronze, marble and resin statues, I offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY…

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