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Best Drawing- Pencil- Sketches. “Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating: It is either good or bad.”
Salvador Dalí


My Pencil Drawings and Sketches

The Mystical Marzia
The Mystical Marzia
Dimensions: 50×25 cm.

To describe my pencil and oil… I give the word to the famous Art Critic Paolo Levi – Turin.

“In these works the artist reveals his precious manual skills. His love for details, his accurate pictorial technique, and his partial application of colour all contribute to transforming these drawings into remarkably high-quality finished works. Therefore, they are not sketches, but finished works which stand apart and would be sufficient to regard the artist’s drawing and compositional skills as excellent”.

The best pencil drawings for projects

Drawing- Eva’s Dancing
Drawing- Eva’s Dancing
Dimensions: 33×24 cm.

This Best Drawing is a “Siren Fountain Project” by Roberto Piaia
The creativity in these projects is exemplary. The sketches are full of minute details that show, even to a distracted eye, what will be the end result.
These are important Drawings created with prettiness, made with a delicacy that cancels the rigor of pencil
They are perplexed figures which remind us of our dreams and regrets.
In Piaia’s world, the visions are intertwined mediated by the affective sphere and the recovery of atmospheres linked to ancestral memories. All rendered with an effective communicative immediacy that allows the gaze of the observer to be lulled by an enveloping sensation of one ecstasy “Oneiric” dreamy.

The Woman, omnipresent in Piaia’s illustrations

Drawing- Eva’s Portrait
Drawing- Eva’s Portrait
Dimensions: 33×24 cm.

Women represent the ideal for art. For centuries they have guided the artistic inspiration of many painters, sculptors, writers and poets.
And Roberto Piaia enters the list of artists who best express their talent by portraying women in their thousands of mysterious facets.

Each painting becomes a story, an experience full of symbols that represent the various aspects of his inspiring Muse. The Woman as mother, saint, devil, or the woman as a lover. The Woman as a precious treasure of life itself, of moving humanity.
They are represented naturally spontaneous. It makes them aware of their wonderful role, their potential and beauty. Precious treasures of life itself, of moving humanity.

Art Comics- Best Pencil Drawings

Best Drawing Pencil Sketches
Comic Art
Escape from Andromeda

Roberto Piaia has given rise to the imagination creating one Comic Art.
So, here’s the new idea: every page is enriched with Piaia’s images in Statues, Paintings and Best Drawings. The Text, which is the result of Carmen De Guarda’s imagination, contributes with a strong Female feeling, to Piaia’s artistic expression.

And a collectible comic is born of this union:

  • Unique! Because in the vast comic book market, statues and paintings aren’t normally included in the layout.
  • Vibrant! Because the story is packed with strength and intense feelings.
  • Controversial! Because both the images and the written words are ambiguous, mysterious, enigmatic…
  • In addition, this is the first of a series, therefore it’s destined to increase the value over time…

Drawing- Comic Art

Drawing- Aras the Sensual
Drawing- Aras the Sensual
Dimensions: 35×25 cm.

And it’s from the beautiful and majestic Galaxy of the Andromeda constellation. Consisting of hundreds of billions of stars. Formed from the center with gigantic spiral arms, which kicks off the science fiction Saga of Piaia.Beyond the imaginary, the main characters are immersed in the emotions and feelings that involve each person’s being without distinction.

Told through a mix of erotism and candor, esotericism and transparency, the journey winds through a great many unexpected events. The character aspects – positive or negative as they may be – emerge unexpectedly.
Women who are prone to peace – like the Queen Eva – from sensitive and sweet, transforms herself into a panther to defend her Daughters. The arrogance of Aisha, who knows how will it be…!
For this reason, watching and reading this comic book is a way to immerge yourself in the beauty of art and fly away with your imagination­.
Best Drawing pencil Andromeda- Comic Art. You can download the magazine, comic book Eva the Spiral Woman, it directly on iTunes Store or Roberto Piaia Shop.

Project for a photovoltaic Statue 

Mudra Orchid
Solar and Wind Sculpture

How are the Sculptures made wrapped in Solar Panels?

Sculptures: Green Energy: they are normally modeled in resin, or optionally in bronze. According to personal needs and spaces, I can create them small, medium or large.
Let’s take a female figure as an example: the materials mentioned above remain visible on the face, hands and feet. While the rest of the body is covered, in the part exposed to the sun, by photovoltaic cells. This is possible because I apply SunPower cells.
SunPower photovoltaic panels are flexible and elegant compared to traditional cells. Therefore, they allow me to work them in an artistic way.
As for the base that supports the work, it can be of any desired shape or height. Pyramid, trapezoidal or like an orchid petal, etc. The panels I use are: SunPower if the model is curved like a petal or a leaf, or Monocrystalline silicon, if the surface is flat.

Why buy a Drawing directly from the artist? (In total safety)

Eva pencil and oil
Eva pencil and oil
Dimensions: 60×50 cm.

I decided to give you the opportunity to buy my best drawing pencil sketches without intermediaries, for 3 simple reasons:

  • My best drawing pencil aren’t made in series. I work with passion and attention to detail,
  • For this reason I want to personally know a person attracted to my works, because I am sure there is harmony between us!
  • Last, but not least: the savings you have purchased without intermediaries…

Do you want to make a gift?

Drawing- Eva Abyss
Drawing- Eva Abyss
Dimensions: 35×25 cm.

No problem for shipping if you provide an address your gift will arrives directly to the recipient.

Usually the best Drawings pencil sketches are shipped – for safety reasons – they are packed with cardboard and bubble wrap. If you have a particular event, please feel free to let me know and I will organize special wrapping paper.
We will be able to insert a greeting card with your directions. The person who will receive the gift will not know the price because it will not be indicated in the delivery document.

All of this is free (it’s my little gift for you …)

What if I don’t like it when I receive it?

Drawing- The Siren Odara
Drawing- The Siren Odara
Dimensions: 50×72 cm.

Computers have not been able to overcome the charm of printed paper…  Even the emotion of watching and touching a live works of art, it cannot be transmitted by video. I’m sure you will be captivated, for the simple reason that you chose it…
But if not, I don’t want you to keep a best drawing pencil sketches you don’t like!
You can return it within 8 days of receiving the work. And you will receive the refund within 15 working days.


Shipping with in Europe is free

Drawing- Andromeda
Drawing- Andromeda
Dimensions: 35×25 cm.

Once the work has been sent, you will receive a tracking code whit e-mail, so you can check the status of the shipment at any time.
The best Drawing pencil sketches, is sent by courier express or mail courier, and sent 1 or 2 working days from receipt of your order.
You will receive the work after ten (10) working days from the date of the order.

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