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Have you ever thought that an artist could have the idea of representing an all-feminine version of the Divine Comedy? Yet it is so! Are you curious to know more?


Women, inspiring Muses

Cena Divina Commedia
The Dinner
Private Collection

“Woman, you are not merely the handiwork of God, but also of men, who always render you beautiful with their hearts. […] Painters always give your forms new immortality” Rabindranath Tagore

Women represent the ideal for art. For centuries they have guided the artistic inspiration of many painters, sculptors, writers and poets.
And Roberto Piaia enters the list of artists who best express their talent by portraying women in their thousands of mysterious facets.
Each painting becomes a story, an experience full of symbols that represent the various aspects of his inspiring Muse. The Woman as mother, saint, devil, or the woman as a lover. The Woman as a precious treasure of life itself, of moving humanity.
They are represented naturally spontaneous. It makes them aware of their wonderful role, their potential and beauty.

One of the many ideas of the volcanic artist is to have made her the only protagonist of the various Songs of the Divine Comedy of the Supreme Poet. Read Roberto Piaia’s Biography

Canto V Minos

5. Gesang (Canto V) Minos
5. Gesang (Canto V) Minos
oil on canvas 100×100 cm.

We begin this phantasmagorical journey penetrating the Canto V, where we find the aggressive Minos, with a tail twisted several times around its body. This signifies the location where sinners will have to atone for their sins. The demon is placed at the center of the scene between Paolo and Francesca, who are guilty of adultery.

The Artist’s “piety” portrays the two protagonist figures in the forefront: a moment of stillness within the eternal drag of the storm. A soft cloth on which to remain seated is donated to Francesca. While ‘Paul’ is squatting on a burning rock highlighting an expression full of passion.
The background of the work is full of raging flames which take the form of disturbing figures. Also the guilty book draws some attention, responsible for making the two protagonists aware of their love, and the figure of Minos has ruled to burn forever.
How can love, an instrument of spiritual elevation, bring instead death? The disturbance is such to push Dante into losing consciousness.


oil on canvas 150×50 cm.

In the work that illustrates the Canto XXXIII, Roberto Piaia managed to emotionally transport us to a cold atmosphere. Where the impetuous rage in which the main characters have sunk transpires: Count Ugolino della Gherardesca and Archbishop Ruggieri.

The count is considered a deceiver of human nature, more than a political traitor. Incapable of forgiveness, he continues towards self-destruction. Enraging with implacable resentment on their executioner, responsible for the capture and horrible end to him and his family. Political hatred made him no less crazy than his executioner!
While keeping faith to the stories of the Poet, the stylistic character of the artist who embraces as a unison the ancient and the contemporary is predominant. Dressing his works with originality, ingenious ideas and undisputed executive capacity.

Canto XV

Canto XV
Canto XV
oil on canvas 100×30 cm.

The Sodomites are the souls of Canto XV, eternally condemned to walk in the rain of fire. In order to avoid the flames, the two pilgrims advance along one of the banks of the small river. They come across a damned who grabs Dante by the hem of his garment.

The Poet recognizes him immediately, it’s Brunetto Latini, his teacher, who tells him a prophecy. “If you remain true to the principles that have inspired your actions until today, your work will bring you glory.”

Virgil is portrayed by the artist with a worried expression for what is happening Dante’s face instead is surprised. Although aware that his teacher in life, while always pursuing the truth and good, has stayed away from it secretly fuel the habit. The Demons are in the background, unable to hit the two visitors, fighting furiously against each other.

Canto XXII

Canto XXII
Canto XXII
oil on canvas 60×60 cm.

In the Canto XXII Roberto Piaia ironically depicts the chaos of swindlers, emphasizing theirs earthly sins with drapes and tinsels. Silver, pewter and fine fabrics, represent the metaphor their art of living dishonestly for today. Grabbing everything they could as much as possible with vile means.
The artist shows irony also towards the demons, who manage to maintain a certain sense of majestic appearance in a light of prestige. Even when their defeat is obvious, although their major weakness is behind their cruel appearances.
During the turmoil in which the damned manages to deceive the demon, the real winner of this clash, which dirtiest both, is the silent instrument of divine justice.
Dante and Virgil continue their journey protected from heaven, with the face of Beatrice who appears in the background surrounded by stardust… Giving them hope, compassion and love.

Canto XIX

Canto XIX
Canto XIX
oil on canvas 60×60 cm.

The Canto XIX seems littered with circular holes from which a damned legs are sticking out appearing upside down. The sinners that the divine justice is punishing are the simoniaca, who are traders of sacred objects.
The one who according to Piaia interprets Dante, stops his attention on the one who is shaking her legs more desperately than the others. When invited to speak discloses her identity. It was Pope Nicholas III from the line of the Orsini’s, who is damned for fraudulently favoring their family members.
Dante sees the greed for power and wealth in the Church representatives as the monster with seven heads and ten horns mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

In this work Piaia demonstrates his ability to insert coded messages. The monster of the temporal power of the Church is noticeable within the flames of the ruins represented by the coat of arms of the Vatican. The basis unfolds in a series of symbols and reflections of light that interact and reflect one another. Create an imaginary staircase towards the abyss. While the certainty of the path towards the light for Dante and Virgil, is given by the decomposition of the primary colors, this is classic Piaia.

Canto XXXIV (work in progress)

Roberto Piaia Dipinge
Roberto Piaia
paints Canto XXXIV

One of the most impressive works is definitely the Canto XXXIV.
From the background that could not be architected more effectively, the traitors of their benefactors both spiritual and temporal are trapped in the ice. Dominated by the triform figure of Lucifer, who dominates and overpowers every other image with his creepy looks.
The representation of the living symbol of evil frees the artist’s imagination from any restraint, immersing it in the world of horror. The ruler of hell protrudes from the ice by capturing the souls of the damned in order to crush them with the three mouth’s without mercy.
Dante and Virgil observe this grisly scene from above and they approach the exit from hell disgusted.

The 7 Deadly Sins

The allegorical representation of the 7 Deadly Sins could not be missing in this collection.
Here, at the centre of the seven representations, In no way do we find  Dante’s misty scenes. Rather, a vision of our existence a form of precise warning, with subtle irony. Showing not only the concrete representation of each sin but also its retaliation.
Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Accidie, Pride and Anger, are discussed in diverse scenes.

Screen Prints are available in this collection

Serigraphy – Accidie

“My screen prints are not a simple copy of the original oil on canvas, because I actively intervene in each one. I add some material parts to create a three-dimensional effect. Use approx. 22 colors to get the maximum. Furthermore, in some I only represent a detail of the original work, such as the 7 deadly sins. This is because I want them to have a touch of originality”. Roberto Piaia

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