Artistic Serigraphy Printing

Do you love artistic Serigraphy Printing because you know it differs from a simple print. However, you don’t know how to find the right piece? I understand your dilemma…

Because today, moving around in the art world is not easy […]

  1. You waste time researching the artist’s biography to understand if you are making the right investment
  2. And then, take the risk that the artistic screen printing is not truly original…
  3. Are you forced to keep it anyway […] If You don’t like it

…by choosing the artistic serigraphy printing on this Site, you can completely erase any doubts!

Serigraphy Violin
Serigraphy- The Violin


The 7 Deadly Sins

The allegorical representation of the 7 Deadly Sins could not be missing in this collection.
Here, at the centre of the seven representations, In no way do we find  Dante’s misty scenes. Rather, a vision of our existence a form of precise warning, with subtle irony. Showing not only the concrete representation of each sin but also its retaliation.
Greed, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, Accidie, Pride and Anger, are discussed in diverse scenes.

Doubts about screen prints on the market

Serigraphy Accidie
Serigraphy- Accidie

Unfortunately, In recent years, many fakes have been made in the art market. From De Chirico to Schifano, not to mention even Marino’s false etchings, created by photoengraving.
However, precisely because of the inflation of the graphics and the widespread presence of fakes, the pieces clearly recognizable as authentic have and will always have a value.
So how to proceed, recognize an authentic serigraphy printing work?

Simply, understanding some key points:

  1. The serigraphy must be numbered and short edition (less reproduction equals more value)
  2. In addition to being stamped and signed by the artist, it must be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.
  3. It must be published in Art Catalogs. […]
  4. The artist is of a certain status, yet, he is not famous for making serial works…

How can screen printing paintings be done?

Serigraphy Envy
Serigraphy- Envy

The serigraphy printing of paintings is an ancient printing technique used during the Song Dynasty in China from 960 – 1279 AD. It is a printing process based on the permeographic technique. It is obtained through a stencil – also known as screen printing – located above a net. Once upon a time silk was used as a matrix, now a polyester fabric stretched on a wooden or metal frame is used.
The ink is forced through the sections that are not covered by the full part of the stencil. Each color is applied with a new stencil or picture.

With this technique we obtain:

  • A serigraphy displays fantastic colors and textures, without loss of definition.
  • Multiple reproduction of valuable paintings.
  • Obtain works that stand out for their originality, preciousness and particularity.
  • And above all to have, at a lower cost, a real work of art, with all the beauty and originality of the authentic one.

How I create the artistic serigraphy printing

Serigraphy Greed
Serigraphy- Greed

My screen prints are not a simple copy of the original oil on canvas, because I actively intervene in each one. I add some material parts to create a three-dimensional effect. Use approx. 22 colors to get the maximum. Furthermore, in some I only represent a detail of the original work, such as the 7 deadly sins. This is because I want them to have a touch of originality.

My Story

Roberto Piaia Painter Sculptor
Roberto Piaia

“Can it be taken for granted that I’ve been painting forever ? Yet, it has… since I was a child, I have always been told that my paintings of oils on canvas have been lifelike. I love to illustrate with bright colors, with the use oils, it allows me to work in a thousand shades. This technique takes a long time. I have decided to terminate reproducing the details. So I don’t do many paintings, and I refuse to make them in series: I never reproduce the same subject. For this reason I have decided to reproduce them in quality serigraphs. Thanks to collectors and various exhibitions, with your support I have obtained many awards and nominations from the art world …”. For information see my biography Roberto Piaia

Do you want to make a gift?

Serigraphy Anger
Serigraphy- Anger

No problem for shipping if you provide an address your gift will arrives directly to the recipient.
Usually Serigraphs are shipped – for safety reasons – they are packed with cardboard and bubble wrap. If you have a particular event, please feel free to let me know and I will organize special wrapping paper.
We will be able to insert a greeting card with your directions. The person who will receive the gift will not know the price because it will not be indicated in the delivery document.

Shipping within Europe is free

Serigraphy Lust
Serigraphy- Lust

Once the work has been sent, you will receive a tracking code whit e-mail, so you can check the status of the shipment at any time.
The work is sent by courier express or mail courier. Shipping is always free in Europe.

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How can you buy Serigraphy Printing?

Now, if you click on the serigraphy image you like best, you will go directly to the shop page, where you can buy and read all the details and the executive poetics of the work.