Guarantee [3+1] super safe as clear as the sun

Do you think that once you have invested in the work and the system you will be left alone if there are any problems? Mistaken!

“Because I deeply love all my creations, and I could never neglect those who keep one of my unique works! You know that the statues cannot be made in series, but that each one is artistically worked by me. For this reason, being so precious, both Bronze Statues or/and Resins, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY!” Roberto Piaia


1) Lifetime warranty on the statue because:
2) Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Module 72-cell Warranty
3) Wind Turbine Guarantee
4) Storage battery guarantee

1) Lifetime warranty on the Statue because:

  • Bronze and resin are highly weatherproof materials.
  • I am 100% sure that you will take the greatest care of your work!
  • Because you are a person sensitive to art and nature…

We unfortunately know that due to climate change, extreme weather phenomena and increasing rainfall, any extreme climate event should happen…
I take full responsibility for repairing the Statue.
Please be advised that this warranty doesn’t include mismanaging the status, for example you hang on to an arm and if breaks or if it’s to fall down. This will not be covered…however, if it will happen, I won’t abandon you!
No money is required for my work, you will only have to bear the my trip costs and the costs of the material.

2) Monocrystalline Photovoltaic Module 72-cell Warranty

The Supplier that provides me with their artistic photovoltaic panels, uses materials of highest quality, all made in Italy. The Company offers 2 guarantees: 15-year product guarantee and module performance.

Main characteristics of the cells:  Download the PDF

Important: the Company reserves the final right of explanation on any of the information presented here.


IEC 61215 – IEC 61730 & Factory Inspection / ISO 9001, ISO 14001 e OHSAS 18001

Simboli Garanzia Pannelli Solari

3) Wind Turbine Guarantee

The market today offers a wide range of wind generators, both with horizontal and vertical axes. Even limiting itself only to micro-wind (0-20 kW) or small wind (20 kW-200 kW).
A 2-3 year guarantee is provided for horizontal wind power. 5 years for vertical wind.

Both provide free replacement of the product or parts of it in case of malfunction.
Why is the duration so short? Because it is difficult to establish whether a malfunction depends on incorrect assembly of the components or simple unfavorable situations. However, even the (more delicate) horizontal generators are designed to have an operating life of at least 20 years. The best ones are built in such a way that they can work without problems for at least 15 years.

Certificato Eolico Turbine

4) Storage battery guarantee

The guarantee of the battery for photovoltaic storage can be measured in years or in cycles. That is, based on the number of times it is loaded and then completely unloaded. In general, the most popular brands on the market ensure an average life of 10 years. As for the charging cycles, much depends on the type of battery (and of course the manufacturer). They range from a minimum of 700 cycles for those with acid lead, to a maximum of 10,000 cycles for those with lithium.

“P.S. In summary: as far as the Statue is concerned, the guarantee I offer you is for LIFE. As for the panels, you have a 15-year warranty and the company that collaborates with me is very serious. I am able to give the ARTISTIC FORM that I want to the panels, and they work with high quality products made in Italy. For accumulators and wind turbines you can choose whether to trust me or choose the company you prefer.”



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