Portraits on commission

A Portrait for You!

Do you want to Portrait on commission customized painted in oil, in pencil, or in Marble, Bronze or Resin?

If you don’t know who to trust because you are afraid that the artist will not capture your expression in the your portrait on commission… that of your loved ones or your beloved four-legged friend.
I understand you! And I can assure you that…

  • You will have a portrait, with eyes that follow the observer from any angle. (Mona Lisa effect…)
  • You can choose between an oil painting, (in the style you prefer), or a pencil drawing.
  • Or, a bust of marble, bronze, resin or plaster…
  • You can preview the portrait because I will send several photos while I am creating it…

You will only need to send me some photos and you will receive the quote without obligation.


Why commission a Portrait?

Portraits Didi
Didi Portrait- oil on canvas

Commissioning a portrait is historically part of our cultural background. In the old times the rich and powerful were immortalized. While fortunately now, it has become accessible to everyone to create a timeless memory of any subject:

  • From your children, maybe a photo that captures that moment of a spontaneous and cute expression.
  • Or, the sweet and joyful memory of that day when you said “YES”. It would be a unique and original gift for your anniversary…
  • Or the painting with the ageless image, of your beloved four-legged friend

The difficult creation of a beautiful Portrait

Portraits Giulia
Giulia Portrait- oil on canvas

Aristotle wrote: “The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance”.

So, having good manual skills in drawing is not enough to make a portrait! The most important aspect of all is that the artist possess the gift of knowing how to portray the inner essence of the subject. (both human and animal…)
Portraying linear features is relatively easy for those with good manual skills. But the true skill of an artist is the sensitivity in knowing how to grasp the thousands of layers of the subject’s personality through his different expressions.
A sort of magic also occurs when the Master has the ability to paint the eyes, mirror of the soul, with a Mona Lisa effect. That is, the impression that the eyes of the portrayed person follows the viewers as they move in front of the image.
After that, he must have a complete command of human anatomy. Human faces are asymmetrical and skilled portraitists reproduce them with subtle differences between the left and the right of the face, or the muzzle.

The portraits on commission of oil on canvas

Portraits Licia
Licia Portrait- oil on canvas

The images of commissioned portraits on this page are an example of the various styles that I can paint on request. As you can see, I like to lay the image on a background made only of lights, colors and symbols … These signs come to me looking spontaneously at the subject I represent. They are like a garment that wraps and transports our daily lives towards a higher, dreamlike dimension.                            

Of course, if you like a classical portrait, I am equally happy to satisfy you!

Portraits on commission in pencil

Portraits Stefy
Stefy Portrait- pencil drawing

To describe my pencil and oil, I give the word to the famous Art Critic Paolo Levi – Turin.

“In these works the artist reveals his precious manual skills. His love for details, his accurate pictorial technique, and his partial application of colour all contribute to transforming these drawings into remarkably high-quality finished works. Therefore, they are not sketches, but finished works which stand apart and would be sufficient to regard the artist’s drawing and compositional skills as excellent”.

The timeless charm of the Carrara Statuary Marble

Marble Fabio
Fabio Marble Bust

If you have a marble statuary at home, it means living in a space full of harmony and elegance.
“The sculptor doesn’t try to translate his thought into marble; he thinks in marble… he thinks in marble”. André Gide

The precious Carrara marble it’s always the most coveted material by the sculptors.
It’s cold, hard, limiting, until the artist’s hands transform it making it pulsating with life, light, soft, almost impalpable…
“I feel very fortunate, because in recent years it’s very difficult to find the blocks of marble statuary Carrara. I can get it from the famous Michelangelo quarry in Carrara, because the manager really likes my creations”.

Carving a Marble Statue

Serena- Marble Bust

For my marble sculptures is done using a traditional technique.

  1. I begin to give shape to my idea with pencil sketches.
  2. Then I build an iron structure to support the clay model that I am going to shape taking care of the details.
  3. A rubber mold is made on the finished clay model, thus obtaining the negative of the   work.
  4. Then, the plaster cast is obtained from the model.
  5. In the latter, so-called “stitch heads” are fixed using special pins. Ancient technique used to bring the exact reference of proportions and measures from the model to the block of marble.

And here comes the passion, my personal dialogue with marble, where I try to bring life to this wonderful and flexible material…

The classic Bronze Bust

Bronze Rosario
Rosario- Bronze Bust

“Every single work of art is the fulfillment of a prophecy.” Oscar Wilde

Your personality or that of your loved ones, carved forever in a lost wax bronze! Your portrait on commission
It is a choice that gives a touch of elegance to any decor. In addition, you can choose the color coating, according to your taste.

How the Bronze Bust are created

Bronze Marella
Marella- Bronze Bust
  1. I begin to give shape to my idea with pencil sketches.
  2. Then I build an iron structure to support the clay model that I am going to shape taking care of the details.
  3. A rubber mold is made on the finished clay model, thus obtaining the negative of the   work.
  4. Then, I deliver it to the artistic foundry and the plaster cast is obtained from the model.
  5. The plaster cast is dismantled and divided into two or more parts. After being deprived of the clay model it contains, beeswax is poured.
  6. At this point I carefully retouch the wax copy.
  7. Finally, the foundry works for casting the molten metal.

The lightness of Resin Bust or chalk

Elisabetta Resin
Elisabetta- Artistic Resin

The Resin Statue offers you the right answer if your home is furnished in a contemporary style. Also, it gives a touch of modernity if you have a preference for classic or antique furniture. Your portrait on commission</i

How I create the Resin Bust

  1. I begin to give shape to my idea with pencil sketches.
  2. Then I build an iron structure to support the clay model that I am going to shape taking care of the details.
  3. A rubber mold is made on the finished clay model, thus obtaining the negative of the   work.
  4. Then, the resin mixed with a hardening liquid is manually poured into the molds.

What is Resin?

Petra Resin
Petra- Artistic Resin
  • The Artistic Resin is a type of plastic reinforced with glass and thermosetting it hardens after processing.
  • It is a material with high resistance, resists bad weather, temperature changes and does not need any special care.
  • The strength of this material allows the resin statues to become precious accessories for outdoor spaces, such as terraces and gardens.
  • One of its main characteristics is to be very malleable, it allows me to create any model you want.

My Story

Roberto Plaster Wax
Roberto Piaia

“Is it obvious to say that I’ve always painted? And yet it is so … since I was a child, I have told the reality that surrounds me through my drawings or oils on canvas. My first works were exactly portraits. Many times as a child, adults such as Teachers or my Parents, reprimanded me for my distraction. In reality I was actually focused. I observed in detail people, animals, their expressions and feelings that surfaced according to their mood of that moment. And then I was attracted to the colors. I was enchanted by their transformation under the effect of light or shadow, brightness and dark… In some moments, (even now), I seem to see a halo of colored light around any observed person or thing.This is why I love to illustrate works with bright colors, and only the usage of oil colors allow me to work them in thousands of different shades. While in Sculpture, it’s three-dimensional nature allows me to give warmth to cold materials such as marble, bronze or resin through the expressions of the subject. It’s a fascinating game to get dragged into the plastic world. I can create the clay or wax model directly with my hands, and feel the sensation that the object is coming to life…” Roberto Piaia

Read my Biography

Do you want to make a gift?

Portrait Ffrancesca
Francesca Portrait- pencil drawing

No problem for shipping if you provide an address your gift will arrives directly to the recipient.
Usually Paintings are shipped – for safety reasons – they are packed with cardboard and bubble wrap. If you have a particular event, please feel free to let me know and I will organize special wrapping paper.
We will be able to insert a greeting card with your directions. The person who will receive the gift will not know the price because it will not be indicated in the delivery document.
All of this is free (it’s my little gift for you …) Your portrait on commission


Portraits Ignazio
Ignazio Portrait- oil on canvas

Do you think that once you have invested in the work and the system you will be left alone if there are any problems? Mistaken!

“Because I deeply love all my creations, and I could never neglect those who keep one of my unique works! I NEVER create my paintings be made in series. For this reason, being so precious, I offer you a LIFETIME WARRANTY!Roberto Piaia

Shipping with in Europe is free

Geraldina Portrait
Geraldina Portrait- oil on canvas

Once the work has been sent, you will receive a tracking code whit e-mail, so you can check the status of the shipment at any time.

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Portrait Loris
Loris Portrait- oil on canvas

“P.S. In conclusion, I explained how and what is the basis for myself to paint or draw your portrait. The various procedures for making a bust in either Carrara marble, lost wax Bronze, Resin or Gypsum. I’ll also give you the pencil sketch if you prefer the bust to the portrait painting. That during the processing phases we keep in touch by sending you various photos. What you have to do is just send me your favorite photos and choose the style you like most. Your portrait on commission“.

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