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Green Energy

Green Energy: In their garden, on the terrace, in the Showroom Headquarters, or on city corners, Piaia’s harmonious Spiral Statues’ wear Green Energy whit solar panels.

Garden sculpture silhouette

We can all take part in protecting the environment:

Respecting our health, our children, our loved ones whit using renewable energy. Roberto Piaia came up with another brilliant idea: why not combine the beauty of Art with inexhaustible clean and non-polluting energy?

Sun Wind and Art

The artist has covered the Statues with photovoltaic cells in the part exposed to the sun, thus embellishing the place where we live or work.

They are placed on an artistically created base with solar panels.

Depending on the size, the work can accommodate a Vertical Wind Turbine.

Moreover, it can be equipped with columns for recharging electric cars.

You can enjoy owning a unique work!

We all need to take immediate action to help reduce air pollution!

Air pollution is damaging our health. The main source of energy production remains linked to fossil fuels (coal and oil). As we all know, the toxicity of emissions leads to a significant environmental impact. The other main source of electricity production, nuclear, activates the production of waste that can present residual levels of radioactivity for millions of years. If it is true, for the latter, the immediate polluting impact is almost minimal, the presence of radioactive waste is a major concern, given the high risk associated with these residues.

Advantages for those who choose green lifestyle, for support the environment, and in the meantime adorn the landscape:

  • Owing a Statuary Work benefiting from tax deductions to obtain clean energy.
  • The works created in Resin or Bronze, will be studied and customized by the artist and by the technicians together with the Customer, to satisfy all needs and Brands.
  • Through the particular form of full and empty spaces of the Spiral Statues, it is possible to hide the unsightly aspect of the Aeolian Islands.
  • Get the energy you need at any time, taking advantage of both the heat of the sun and the movement of the wind.
  • If the size of the work with the base exceeds a certain height, the base leaves the space for the storage of energy accumulators and tools.
  • Own a work of Art forever! With time, you can decide to remove the panels without any damage to the Statue.
How did this idea come to Roberto Piaia?

Navitas photovoltaic

The urgent need to help preserve the beauty and solidarity of our Earth is a desire that the artist has been cultivating for some time. Taking this impulse, he designed this very innovative project. Following various studies and in-depth projects with industry experts, he created this model to say the least revolutionary, thrilling everyone!

Piaia’s Spiral Statues’ Represents Incessant Movement.

The artist has always wanted to contribute to the preservation of earths beauty and solidarity. With this impulse he developed an absolutely innovative project: by using natural resources to embellished his art.

Artistic Evolution:

Looking at Piaia’s path we can deduce that this next phase is the result of an evolutionary process of artistic research. At the beginning of his career he devoted himself to painting.

Capture the colors of the rainbow to transport you, through a thousand shades of oil, on the paintings. It depicts bodies, portraits, objects and genre scenes through an impeccable hyper-realism. The final touch is done by illuminating the work with coloured sparks, transporting visions toward a dream-like, unreal state. He paints the transparencies of glass, crystals and water with an unquestionable executive ability. He certainly has a natural talent, which he has cultivated and developed through the study and practice of restoration. He learned the use of ancient colors contributing to the restoration of “Cielo di Giotto” in the Scrovegni Cappella in Padova.

The very personal style that Piaia has created has three pictorial currents.

For this reason it was called Assurfivo: where as stands for Abstract, sur for Surreal, fivo for Figurative.